people Annie Fitzpatrick has the happy, stable life she’s craved since her life was turned upside down two decades earlier during Redwood Summer, a summer of radical logging protests led by Earth First.  She loves her job as an environmental law professor in D.C., she has an adoring husband and two wonderful kids, and a passion for running the trails of her beloved Rock Creek Park in Washington DC.  The icing on the cake is that she’s just been awarded a prestigious grant to stop fracking on public lands, a crowning career achievement and the chance to make a real impact with her work.

But just as she’s about to pop the bubbly, her husband John announces he has major career news of his own.  He’s gotten an offer to be the President of the Alabama Southern University, which, much to Annie’s dismay, requires an immediate move to Carsonville, Alabama.

Annie is devastated to leave her friends, life and career behind but she understands it’s an opportunity that John can’t pass up.  He offers assurances of great schools for the kids, beautiful running trails in the Muskogee National Forest near the stately mansion where they’ll live, and a job at the Law School. The job will be short-lived, however, if she can’t find a good environmental law case for her new students.  Rescue comes with the sudden appearance of William Davidson, who was Billy Bolton when she knew him during Redwood Summer.  Billy now runs an environmental organization determined to sue a gas company poised to frack in the Muskogee Forest.  Few people know about her disastrous past with Billy—including her husband.

bookcover Annie knows getting involved with Billy again is playing with fire. She remembers all too well what happened that fateful summer when she was twenty.  But taking the case means saving her job and saving the Forest she’s come to love.  She and Billy are quickly united by their passions against a common cause, even as the shadows—and temptations—of the past linger.  With the clock ticking and the Forest at imminent risk, she and Billy and her students begin the court fight of their lives.  But as the secrets of her past come tumbling out, and the townspeople become more and more divided over the case and the activists invading their sleepy Southern town, tensions reach an explosive boiling point.

An engaging and engrossing exploration of the intensity of first love and the lengths we will go to follow our passions, I KNEW YOU WHEN was inspired by the events of Redwood Summer and the still unsolved bombing that nearly killed two Earth First activists.  It represents Rangeley Wallace’s finest work yet.


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