It seems like a benign case of wedding jitters when Alexa Cunningham’s ambivalence about her forthcoming marriage to the glamorous David Lassiter grips her. But in this beautifully told tale, rich in cultural texture of the contemporary South, it points to Alexa’s unresolved issues from her past.

Four years earlier, Alexa’s happy life script was written. She and her boyfriend Nick and her dearest friend Kat had moved to Carsonville, Alabama. Their plans included marriage to Nick and a position in the family business for Alexa, legal training for Nick, and medical studies for Kat. Then tragedy strikes.

When Alexa and Kat are horseback riding, Kat suffers a terrible fall on one of Alexa’s horses. It leaves Kat a paraplegic, and an ensuing lawsuit against Alexa’s family envelops everyone in anger. Relationships are ruptured.

Confused, abandoned by her friend, and guilt-ridden, Alexa flees her hometown and Nick, and reestablishes herself as an investment banker in Atlanta where she is swept away by the sophisticated jewellery designer David.

Coming back to Carsonville to be with her father, stirs Alexa’s longings for Nick, the family construction business, and the life she expected to have. To her shock, Kat also is back in Carsonville, and once again is close to her family.

Ironically, everyone has moved on except Alexa. And she has lost her footing. Can she go back? With compassion, humor and deep understanding, Rangeley Wallace weaves a story of family, friendship and love to engage the heart.


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