Praise for Things Are Going to Slide

I found the storyline very addictive and loved the law subject that runs all the way through the book …. I thought that all the law cases, court hearings etc. were brilliantly portrayed.

Rangeley has a very warm and engaging style of writing. I found the book to be a real page turner and could not put it down but read until the early hours of day.

I am really glad to have discovered this author (thanks to Fiction Addiction Book Tours) and will definitely also read her other book called No Defense.

I felt that the author captured the emotions of the characters really well and described everything brilliantly so that I felt like I was there too – scary!  The author also addressed the difficulties of being a working mum and highlighted the issues that they face on a day-to-day basis.

Later on a sinister twist, in the form of a difficult case, had me flipping through the Kindle pages – it was gripping, interesting and took me right to the finish where a satisfying end awaited me.

I really enjoyed this story, at first I kinda struggled because I don’t really understand American Law so wasn’t sure If I could continue to read but I’m so glad I did, It ended up being a fabulous read which had me feeling very sorry for Marilee at times but also happy when she has her second child, a happy ending for her.

This is a legal drama and a romance novel and I found it quite fast paced, there’s always something going on and I read it really quickly. I pictured it a bit like the US TV show LA Law!!

I’m a bit of a legal addict when it comes to books and TV so I was looking forward to reading this and I wasn’t disappointed. This isn’t typical chick lit though, the romance is subtly intertwined with the legal issues which made it feel more realistic – you’re not expecting any kind of happy ending.

All in all, Things Are Going to Slide was a great read. I was so involved in the story and I just kept reading and reading – to the point where I finished the book much faster than I anticipated. I was emotionally invested in this story, with the characters every step of the way and I wasn’t disappointed at all! If you’re a fan of chick-lit and the like then I definitely recommend giving Things Are Going to Slide a read.

This is all testimony to the lengths Marilee will go to for her students and clients.
The clients that the legal clinic sees are varied and all equally dramatic – none more than the case of the local teenager Cindy, who is accused of murdering her young baby.

I love the ‘will they, won’t they’ romance that is woven into this book when Marilee’s childhood sweetheart returns to town – even if he did break her heart a decade previously, it is not too sickly sweet but is a lovely plot to the story.

I plundered through the book as it is a real page turner and it was a satisfying read and left all the ends nicely tied up.

What I have found is that a great book doesn’t just entertain you, it teaches you.

With that in mind, I must give Things Are Going To Slide by Rangeley Wallace a 5 star rating. I was entertained, I felt emotions right along with the characters and I learned a lot.

My favorite part about this story is that Rangeley Wallace wrote the most satisfying ending. Everything came full circle and left me smiling as the book came to a close.

I will definitely read more of Rangely Wallace’s books.

What a great read this is. This is a story that grabs you from the start and brings you into so well that you feel you are inside the characters. I began reading and didn’t stop until I was finished. I only wish there was more. Rangeley Wallace will be added to my preferred author list now!

From the moment I started reading, until the moment I finished, I was completely engaged in this novel. … I especially love how the main character handles all the difficulties that come her way. She makes a very appealing hero.
Things are Going to Slide works on many levels — I would like to read the sequel – and I think it would make a great movie. You should read it!

This book is a lot of fun. Read it or else. From the first page to the last the plot never stops rocking. Word.

I loved this book. It succeeds in balancing an engaging plot inhabited by relateable characters with a unique perspective –one of educating its readers in the teaching and practice of clinical law. Although many fiction writers attempt this trifecta, few achieve it without sacrificing drama and/or accuracy. This author not only entertains thoroughly without ‘cheating’ reality and with near perfect pace.

But that’s not why I loved it…I loved it because it’s a great story populated with characters of indelible presence. The heroine manages to have heart, soul and integrity without being irritating! Not only will you remember her long after you finish reading the book, you’ll want to revisit Alabama Southern University, its faculty and its environs to see what everyone is up to…let’s hope Ms Wallace allows us to do just that.

Pretty much the definition of a guilty pleasure read. Romance + courtroom drama = I should have gone to sleep hours ago.

An extraordinarily talented Southern writer, Rangeley Wallace has delivered in Things Are Going to Slide a thoughtfully told story of betrayal, redemption, and family.

Winston Groom

Rangeley Wallace never lets her characters drop into a pit of despair as they face the arduous struggles life keeps throwing at them. In Marliee she has created an optimistic, hard-working and tenacious heroine who is certain to win out in the end. The love story between Marilee and her ex-partner Dwight is really a backdrop for the more interesting day-to-day business and scandals dealt with at the Alabama Law Clinic, which Wallace describes with confidence and plausibility.

As Marilee faces newfound challenges to her career, romance and family interactions, she discovers within herself a strength that will carry her through legal controversies, legal politics, and past the pain of unrealized dreams to a new future complete with a new child.

THINGS ARE GOING TO SLIDE charts the course of a suddenly out-of-control life and those elements which contribute to it evolving into a different, unexpected world. Even the case that has been central – and seemingly endless – to her legal world proves not totally hopeless, making this a powerful novel of chaos and recovery that will attract any interested in strong stories of professional women at pivotal transition points in their lives.

“The real magic at work here is that Wallace has produced a fascinating tale in which she maintains a low-key, narrative economy that compliments her spirited characters and captivating plot. It is a novel that you are dying to know what happens next and it is not only an illumination to read that is packed with a great deal of information and learning, but it also serves as a reminder the way lives can easily slip into chaos. Is there a sequel in the making here?”

Why is it, when one thing goes wrong in life, it snowballs and everything starts to fall apart all at once? Rangeley Wallace’s novel, Things are Going to Slide, doesn’t answer this question, but she provides an entertaining story about a woman who had everything until it all fell apart.

…Wallace’s writing is simple and effective. Her descriptions of small town life painted a vivid image in my mind. This novel isn’t just about Marilee, it’s about the south. Through her skillful description and dialogue, the town and all of its inhabitants come alive….  It was easy for me to relate with Marilee, even though I’m not a lawyer, mother, or from the south. Wallace’s story pulled me into Marilee’s turmoil and propelled me to continue reading.

One thing I loved about this book is a single woman’s fight, not only for herself but also for others. More books should have this as a theme as women are a force to be reckoned with and we each have a battle daily. Rangeley shows this brilliantly in this book and doesn’t let us down

A compelling story with interesting, believable and engaging characters.– particularly the main character, Marilee. The law school clinic setting with an ever changing mix of interesting cases to engage the students and faculty make this easy to envision as a continuing series or perhaps as a cable series. This book was easy to read and hard to put down. I highly recommend it.

Rangeley Wallace has set this love story in the drama and chaos of a law school clinic, allowing us to get to know her protagonist, Marilee, not just through the usual romance novel casts of eccentric characters, but through the students and clients whom she works with.

Wallace also gives us a character that women who work outside the home can cheer for–Marilee juggles her work and home life, sometimes hilariously, sometimes poignantly. Marilee’s four year old daughter made this reader cry, the love story made me cheer, and the villainous villain made me livid, while the legal case that forms the background early on, and moves to center stage by novel’s end gave me an enormous amount to think about.

I really enjoyed this book–so fast moving and believable. The characters are well-drawn, the story moves at precisely the right pace, and the descriptions of both the teaching and practice of law are spot-on. This last is virtually unknown–and difficult to achieve–in novels which also must be engaging and interesting. Especially clever is the way the author sprinkles legal essays throughout (using fabulous titles that could be Chapter–or even television series’ titles). I use the term ‘chick-lit’ with respect and admiration–it means the book is accessible literature…and I use the word ‘soul’ because the book has it in spades.

This also isn’t a typical “chick lit” book (because you know I don’t like anything that fits in a mold) in the sense of a love story. I really didn’t know until the end what was going to happen, if anything was going to happen, in the love story plot line of this book.

The unpredictability in this book was great. There’s nothing more boring than reading a story that you’ve already read over and over again. And while reading this book, I kept being reminded of how original and smart this story was.

“Things Are Going to Slide” by Rangeley Wallace is a book for women, but it’s different from regular, old “chick lit” in so many great ways. …I liked the relationships intertwined in the story … generally this book also kept me guessing, which was great as unpredictable books in my are opinion are the best kind.

Accomplished author Rangeley Wallace has a new novel, Things Are Going to Slide – and that is very good news for those who loved her remarkable breakout work, No Defense (St. Martin’s Press) and even better news for those who are as yet to experience the work of this talented writer. Things Are Going to Slide is a delicious celebration of compelling plot and perfect dialogue, in this instance coupled with insights into the challenging world of clinical legal education. Her characters are real, troubling, at times heroic, and perfectly woven together in this fast-paced, thrilling, and highly personal tale.

If one were to read only the short synopsis, Things Are Going To Slide might sound like just another contemporary piece of women’s fiction. But a reader needn’t scratch the surface much in order to discover it is more than that. …

This smartly written story by Rangeley Wallace defies the genre descriptions typically used to tout commercial fiction. Though both a legal drama and contemporary romance, the author, an attorney herself, offers this work as an occasion to educate, as much as to entertain.

The story’s light-hearted underbelly mixed with southern-family sensibilities make this novel a fast and enjoyable read.

Things Are Going to Slide is the kind of book that makes you keep reading long after you meant to turn out the light. Rangeley Wallace has created a well-crafted plot filled with surprises, as well as questions of law and ethics to ponder. More romance than mystery, its three main characters became people I really enjoyed spending time with. I hope we’ll get a chance to meet them again.

Praise for No Defense

In some ways No Defense is all about second chances – and righting wrongs. In other ways, it’s about family interactions, hidden truths, and a quest for justice that comes to life decades after the event has taken place.

Most of all, it’s a fast-paced, believable story of racial encounters and family secrets brought to the public eye and holds not only a lively and realistic cast of characters, each with their own obsessions and private interests, but a fascinating and complex plot that relentlessly winds towards a satisfyingly unexpected conclusion.

Any reader interested in Southern civil rights issues and culture, mystery, and family interactions will find No Defense a winning combination of all three elements.

“An impressive debut – fast paced, atmospheric, and deeply moving.”

Richard North Patterson

If young mother LuAnn Hagerdon Garrett hadn’t come home to Tallagumsa, Ala., in April 1978 to attend the dedication of the new courthouse … she never would have met Washington Star reporter Ben Gainey. And, as we learn in this generally compelling first novel by a former attorney, if she hadn’t told Ben about the racial killings back in 1963, her father never would have been put on trial for murder. … LuAnn’s belated understanding of her father’s selfishly manipulative behavior and her ensuing insights once she finally achieves maturity are cogently explained. In fact, the care Wallace takes with LuAnn’s characterization enhances this well-paced legal thriller, as do flavorful Southern voices and a bracing dose of romance.

In a powerful first novel set in her home state of Alabama, Wallace deftly combines facts and emotions arising from a civil rights incident with the elements of a mostly dysfunctional family to create a riveting courtroom drama. In 1978, LuAnn Garrett returns to her hometown with husband and family at a time when her politician father is gearing up to run for governor of the state. Soon after the announcement of his candidacy, he is accused of the murder of two black youths who had planned to challenge the admissions policies of the all-white university 15 years earlier. As a former lawyer, Wallace presents a credible version of the drama and family disaster that appears inevitable because of the scandal. Another fine story in the Southern literary tradition; recommended for popular collections.

Thomas L. Kilpatrick, Library Journal

Wallace successfully creates a contradictory Southern milieu – personable old ladies with streaks of vicious bigotry, obsession with the past, the easy-going small town with its deep distrust of outsiders. The atmosphere is absorbing, the story taut and the resolution a total surprise.

Lynn Harnett, Amazon top 500 reviewer