This book is a lot of fun. Read it or else. From the first page to the last the plot never stops rocking. Word.

Daniel Wallace

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I loved this book…it’s a great story populated with characters of indelible presence.



“Things Are Going to Slide” by Rangeley Wallace is a book for women, but it’s different from regular, old “chick lit” in so many great ways.

Lost To Books Blog

An extraordinarily talented Southern writer, Rangeley Wallace has delivered in Things Are Going to Slide a thoughtfully told story of betrayal, redemption, and family.

Winston Groom

“Wallace has produced a fascinating tale [with] spirited characters and [a] captivating plot.”, Blog



My favorite part about this story is that Rangeley Wallace wrote the most satisfying ending. Everything came full circle and left me smiling as the book came to a close.

Novel Escapes

It was easy for me to relate with Marilee, even though I’m not a lawyer, mother, or from the south.



I absolutely loved Marilee’s character. She’s such a strong, smart, and driven woman and it’s done without being defensive or any of the other quirks you sometimes see with characters of the ‘powerhouse woman’ variety

Among Stories Book Blog

The story’s light-hearted underbelly mixed with southern-family sensibilities make this novel a fast and enjoyable read.

A Goodreads reviewer

A must read!

Miss Bookworm

A real page turner… a satisfying read … left all the ends nicely tied up.

Donna’s Room for Reading

Marilee’s four year old daughter made this reader cry, the love story made me cheer, and the villainous villain made me livid….

Lawyer Who Loves To Read

This is a legal drama and a romance novel and I found it quite fast paced, there’s always something going on and I read it really quickly. I pictured it a bit like the US TV show LA Law!!



I use the term ‘chick-lit’ with respect and admiration–it means the book is accessible literature…and I use the word ‘soul’ because the book has it in spades.

Nancy Luque, Esq.

Pretty much the definition of a guilty pleasure read. Romance + courtroom drama = I should have gone to sleep hours ago.

Goodread’s review

“…a book very much worth reading by an author very much worth following.”

Andrew F. Popper, author of Rediscovering Lone Pine (West) and Bordering on Madness: An American Land Use Tale (Carolina Academic Press)

This was a quick read (just one day) that was thought-provoking and entertaining all at the same time.

Me, My Books and I

Rangeley Wallace … has created an optimistic, hard-working and tenacious heroine who is certain to win out in the end.

Best Chick Lit Blog

What a great read this is. This is a story that grabs you from the start and brings you into so well that you feel you are inside the characters. I began reading and didn’t stop until I was finished.

Dana Francoz

A powerful novel of chaos and recovery.

Midwest Book Review

A single woman’s fight, not only for herself but also for others.

Book-shelf Shelf

This really is a smart, sometimes funny, sometimes emotional book.

Julie’s Chick Lit Book Blog

Rangeley Wallace has created a well-crafted plot filled with surprises, as well as questions of law and ethics to ponder.

An Amazon reviewer

Rangeley has a very warm and engaging style of writing. I found the book to be a real page turner and could not put it down but read until the early hours of day. I loved the way Rangeley highlighted the importance of trust and having a strong family bond.


A compelling story with interesting, believable and engaging characters.

Jim, on Goodreads

This book gave me what I want most from a book – it grabbed me and took me away.


Things Are Going to Slide

Marilee Carson Cooper, daughter of a good southern family, had expectations, but now they are dashed. After her husband leaves her for a young man when she is pregnant with their second child, she pins her hopes for financial and career salvation on winning the coveted Chair of Clinical Law at Alabama Southern University.

The Chair goes to Dwight Hurley, a hometown boy who once broke her heart. He is favored because he claims to have written a forthcoming textbook, while Marilee’s job is now endangered, despite her success at the clinic. Dwight’s mysterious reappearance leaves Marilee burning for revenge.

At the same time, the troubled clients of the legal clinic are presenting Marilee and her student lawyers with grave issues. One of them—an unwed teen mother whom Marilee has known for most of her life—is accused of child abuse and murder.

As her feelings for Dwight become increasingly confused, Marilee realizes that her rival could be her only hope in saving the teenager.

Things Are Going To Slide grips the heart with its twists and turns of romantic love in a legal clinic and illuminates the dynamics of justice in a closely knit town.

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… a powerful first novel … .

Thomas L. Kilpatrick, Library Journal

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“An impressive debut – fast paced, atmospheric, and deeply moving.”

Richard North Patterson

“A lively and realistic cast of characters,”  plus “a fascinating and complex plot that relentlessly winds towards a satisfyingly unexpected conclusion.”

Midwest  Book Review

The care Wallace takes with LuAnn’s characterization enhances this well-paced legal thriller, as do flavorful Southern voices and a bracing dose of romance.

Publishers Weekly

The atmosphere is absorbing, the story taut and the resolution a total surprise.

Lynn Harnett, Amazon top 500 reviewer

No Defense

Leaving hectic city life behind, LuAnn Hagerdorn Garrett returns to her hometown of Tallagumsa, Alabama, with her reluctant husband Eddie and their three small children, just as her father and longtime hero, Mayor Newell Hagerdorn, is about to launch his candidacy for governor. But LuAnn’s newfound security is shattered when her father is suddenly named the prime suspect in a racial killing that happened over fifteen years ago. Suddenly, LuAnn must fight against everyone she loves and everything she believes to prove her father’s innocence.

But as eye-opening secrets from the past begin to surface, she’ll find herself forced into a painful confrontation with her own moral values.

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